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A Cannabis Creative Agency led by strategy, influenced by design & inspired by cannabis. An agency focused on building a new next generation of creative cannabis brands & digital experiences.
The cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate and on a global scale. As the industry grows, there is more of a need than ever before to stand out from the crowd. Consequently pre existing companies and those new to the space are finding themselves in need of a one stop shop to service all of their design, branding and digital requirement.
The word “HASH” is derived from the arabic word “hashish” which means an extract of the cannabis plant, containing concentrations of the psychoactive resins. "HASH" also hints to “#hashtag#” - the digital symbol heavily used in social media and tagging, for a viral feel.
The visual language of HASH was a deliberate step away from the conventional “GREEN LOGOS” that have saturated the market up until now. What will differentiate the leading cannabis companies are those with a distinctive brand. Fusing strong imagery of pink smoke with striking black and white contrasts, we created an awe inspiring look that was both slick and adventurous.
The HASH creative logo on a tote bag.
We ideate creative solutions people won't forget.  For our recent production of business cards we added an "emergency filter" strip to the end of the card which can be ripped off and rolled to be used as a filter to roll a spliff. A memorable and useful spin for every meeting and conference.
HASH creative business cards.
HASH creative website open on a desktop, laptop, and mobile phone.
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