Using partnerships & influencers to increase brand visibility


Chloe Marlow

Founder & Creative Director @ Marlow London

For all brands, regardless of size, brand awareness - people knowing about you is key. A great way to do this is by using influencers. Larger companies may have bigger influencer budgets, but every brand needs to prove that their money was well spent, and for early-stage brands, with such a limited budget, a lot is resting on choosing the right influencer.

Marlow London is an environmentally and socially conscious brand created by Chloe Marlow.  Any projects Chloe undertakes and the companies she works with are an extension of the core values and messages that the Marlow London brand embodies. Early on in the business, Chloe tells an opportunity arose to create a one-of-a-kind bag for what would have been her first major celebrity client. Unfortunately, the bespoke bag required featuring a message that was so different from Marlow London’s brand values.  Chloe was very uncomfortable using that message, and after a lot of agonizing, she turned down the opportunity.  Looking back, she still holds that it was the right decision.

To target the right influencers and partnerships for Marlow London, Chloe says she always begins by looking at her customer using questions such as:

Who are they?
What are they aspiring to?
Who do they follow on social media?
Which influencers and brands represent them?

Next, she focuses on value alignment, Chloe recommends:

  • Working with influencers that you yourself are excited to work with is a must.
  • Building a genuine rapport with those you go into partnership with and believing in what you are trying to achieve.
  • Meet the talent, your potential co-star in the campaign,  face to face, or on zoom yourself. In the past, Chloe said she had PR representatives meet with influencers to secure projects, and it wasn’t as successful nor as personal as being there.
  • No one is more passionate about your business than you are, and your passion sells!

She also recommends to:

  • Always have a contract or a written agreement of some sort.
  • Have a written document to refer to if needed and have any agreed deliverables clearly written to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Keep the people you are working with updated throughout the project and at every stage, helping them feel involved, invested, and hopefully keen to comply.
  • Stay in touch and keep building the relationship and rapport, even after the project is finished; you never know when you might run into each other again!

In closing, we will mention one other great way to increase brand awareness, which is often FREE and confirmed by Chloe’s experience. Chloe created Marlow London straight out of university and set out to build genuine relationships with everyone she worked with, from suppliers and factories to buyers and press. Her openness created a ‘tribe’ of supportive industry professionals passionate about the brand and its success and wanted to tell other people about it. She said that “it surprised me how the relationships one begins to build early on can result in unexpected and amazing opportunities further down the line. So always be kind, honest, and ALWAYS show appreciation!”