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Becca & Jessica Stern

Founders of Mustard Lockers

Mustard is a locker brand started in 2018 by the Stern sisters, Becca lives in Australia, and Jessica lives in the UK.

Since Mustard's inception, they've:

  • Acquired over 65,000 Instagram followers.
  • Operate in three locations – Australia, UK & Europe and New Zealand. 
  • Donated over £35,000 to the BEAM charity from their profits.
BEAM is the world's first online platform that crowdfunds for training courses and professional qualifications for homeless people and then supports them into stable careers.

After all this, we felt they were pretty well suited to give us some insight into how they reached their customers and made the magic happen.

We asked Mustard's Becca and Jessica how they used social media to acquire customers and grow their impressive online following. 

Becca starts, "When it comes choosing platforms, we looked to Instagram, it holds a lot of potential for small businesses, and it's free!"

"We've found that investing in quality photos, building your visual language and brand voice create a cohesive image."

The sisters also felt that by connecting and communicating with their customer base online, they were able to learn what their customers were looking for and what their needs were.  "As an online business, you don't get the face-to-face feedback that you would get in a shop, so we decided that Instagram would be the perfect platform for us to get that conversation going."

Building that rapport is a two-way process and keeps the audience engaged. "We encourage our customers to share photos of the lockers they buy, in-situ on their  Instagram channels, which means our hashtag, brand and products are popping up in our client's friends feed - expanding our reach and making us more visible." 

Becca and Jessica also spoke about utilizing Facebook's platform. They felt that this was a relatively low-cost tool if you DO the work. They also recommended managing this platform in-house, as it means you are more responsive with your ad-spend, you can quickly try out different strategies, and you can instantly respond to demand and feedback.

The Mustard team also found that collaborating with other small brands was a great way to attract new customers. "The key is to find brands with a comparable customer base and a different offering, each of you leverages their own platform to raise each others profile. We have found that when both brands are a natural fit, you create a win-win situation where you are both reaping the benefits and the added reach.

"Collaborating and cross promotion comes in different forms like sharing posts, interviews, giveaways and using products in photo shoots. We want our community to enjoy and benefit from our content and to build up our community of like-minded businesses."

Another marketing tool the team employed was to focus on creating content for their blogs, to get a following, and of course, more customers. Jessica explains, "Blogs are a great way to acquire new customers because the more content you create, the more likely it is that you will show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website.

We find it works to tell the story of our brand, our products and behind the scenes with the day to day running of a business for those curious to know more. Our blogs are a reference point for our customers looking for more in-depth answers to their questions. Social media is excellent for short, snappy content, but we like having a medium where we can really go into a subject. 

It's so nice when customers say, " I read in your blog post..." and we get the feedback that they got something of value from it.

We want our customers to stick around and keep coming back again, knowing that they're supporting a business that they align with; our blog plays a big part in achieving that."