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Premium Jewish burial In The Jerusalem Hills




Architecture & Planning


• Brand Strategy  & Positioning
• Brand Naming
• Brand Identity
• Print & Digital Collateral
• Website Design & Development

Sha’ar HaMenuchot - a project of unprecedented scale, developing premium burial in the hills of Jerusalem.


Our process began with a workshop defining the USP of the brand.

For Jews in the Diaspora‭, ‬the cemetery would offer the opportunity to be buried in Jerusalem with unrivaled respect‭. Situated at the entrance to the world’s holiest city is a private cemetery with a panoramic view of the tranquil Jerusalem Hills‭.

This is what led us to naming the brand - Sha’ar HaMenuchot ‭ – ‬a name which would encompass a vision of unprecedented scale and sanctity‭, ‬offering world-class Jewish burial in Israel’s holiest ground‭.

We then moved on to market analysis, assessing the user personas of potential customers in order to establish what concierge services Sha’ar HaMenuchot would offer.


With this complete, we were able to turn the strategic branding workshop into a visual identity. The Sha’ar Hamenuchot brand design concept had to be carefully curated, due to the type of venture.

Because Jewish tradition emphasizes the sanctity of death, we drew inspiration from regal colors and the landscape of the location itself to create a brand that conveys respect and royalty.

A collage of the brand colors of forest, navy, and grey.

The logo creation process was inspired by different elements as well as the architectural renderings of the completed project to create a beautiful and striking final result.

A collage explaining the gate, key, ad crown concepts behind logo options.

Design elements that we were inspired by were the topographic map of the land of the project which we translated into a minimalistic pattern imitating the gradient of the land, while giving us a stunning design to work with.

An image of the final logo design.


A pamphlet with the Sha'ar HaMenuchot logo on it.A pamphlet open to the first page.A pamphlet open with images and text.A pamphlet open with images and text.The Sha'ar HaMenuchot website open on a desktop, laptop, and mobile phone.
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