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Premium Air Travel


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The Travel Executives, is a boutique luxury agency for discounted premium air class travel. They offer a luxury product and needed a digital presence to reflect that.
We started with a workshop to understand what was unique about TTE. Who were their competitors? What was happening in the premium travel landscape and who was TTE's target Audience?
The Travel Executives visual language inspires a feeling of wanderlust. Through striking images and mesmerizing colors we transported the user to their chosen destination just from the interface.

Coupling minimalistic and sophisticated fonts we were able to strike a balance that was modern, yet high end and able to communicate with the varied clientele of the company. All of this was achieved, whilst staying true to the new upgraded brand and look.

The Travel Executives Logo consists of the the letter T, T & E arranged and designed in a way that is symmetrical, simple and sophisticated.

This modern and striking logo is transferable across all digital platforms and has served excellently on the website and social media channels.
The Travel Executives Team gave us the creative freedom to push the envelope, whilst maintaining the sophisticated feel, natural to the premium air travel industry.

This involved making sure that from the logo and brand identity to the copywriting and of course, design, we would maintain a sophisticated feel.
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