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Itay Gross
Itay Gross
Social Media Manager @ Similarweb
Managing company branding and social - in times of peace, and in times of war
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Alexa Kilroy
Head of Brand @ Triple Whale
Brand according to Alexa Kilroy
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Talia Zoref
Creator of Eyes of Fashion NFT
Creating a Web3 Brand that Bridges Art, Technology & Community
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Lo Mills
Brand & Community Manager @ Homethings
Building everything but the product
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Lottie Unwin
Founder @ The Copy Club
Finding your first customers - a balance of humility and courage
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Sophie Baron
Founder @ Mamamade
Why your customer is the most influential person in your brand
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Jubilee Fox
Founder @ The Good Grain
Turning a lockdown hunch into an award-winning brand
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Juda Honickman
Chief Marketing Office @ Slinger
Why putting community at the heart of your brand is a recipe for success
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Erica Rankin
Founder and CEO @ Bro Dough
Scaling your brand through social media
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A collection of Degree, Dove, and Axe products.
Riley Dunn
Brand Manager @ Unilever
Tips and tricks from leading corporate and emerging brands
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John De Pree & Shai Agami
VP Global Brand & Head of Design @ Gett
Doing a hard thing well: How Gett went about its BOLD rebrand
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Becca & Jessica Stern
Founders of Mustard
Introducing your brand to new customers in smart, cost-effective ways
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Rachel Simons
Co-founder of Seed + Mill
Branding the unknown - first to market products
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James Edmunds
Managing Director @ TRIP
Branding challenges when operating in a crowded category
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Chloe Marlow
Founder and Creative Director @ Marlow London
Using partnerships & influencers to increase brand visibility
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