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Joanna Landau is an expert in country branding, passionate about Israel, and fascinated by the nexus between the two: how to leverage Israel’s competitive advantages and share its story with the world. Author of the best-selling book, “Ethical Tribing: Connecting the Next Generation to Israel in the Digital Era,” She is a consultant and speaker about place branding, Israel’s soft power, and the unique challenges Israel faces when building its global reputation, especially online.

The task? Building a brand that would encompass all that Joanna is. 

We started with Brand Strategy, delving into Joanna's story, where she comes from and where her story begins. We looked at when her work had felt more than a job, how she wanted to make others feel and ultimately how she wanted to be remembered. 

Her tone of voice is how she communicates her personality and messages to her audience. It helps her build credibility as a thought leader - without being boring and overly academic. It allows her to build trust and relatability with her Next Gen audience - without being too young or casual.

As the conversation evolved we looked at her personality:


Joanna Landau is an expert in country branding, passionate about Israel, and fascinated by the nexus between the two.

Joanna Landau Branding ExampleJoanna Landau Branding Example

Joanna shines a new light on important and complex topics with inspiring storytelling, up-to-date academic research, out-of-the-box solutions, and, of course, a touch of humor.

Joanna Landau Branding ExampleJoanna Landau Branding Example


With the brand strategy in place and tone of voice developed we moved on to the brand identity.

This was the Creative Direction: Formal with an Edge. Think sans serif fonts with unexpected or hidden details to represent Joanna’s ability to see things others might not. A contemporary classic look with a twist, and a more feminine palette to soften the look without feeling girly.

All of Joanna Landau’s branded content should...

Look like sleek and minimal modern architecture. Impressive and stops you in your track.

Sound like the buzz of a busy co-working space. People tapping away at their laptops, coffee machines grinding coffee and milk being steamed – creative energy all around.

Taste like a freshly made, and perfectly balanced Margarita, strong citrus notes, a salty rimto keep you on your toes and always packed with a punch.

Smell like Channel No.5, and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Feel like walking into a high end, contemporary restaurant for their 10 course tasting menu– sophisticated anticipation.



The color palette has been developed to support and align with the brand strategy.

It portrays Joanna in ways that are direct, yet subtle. Focused and bold application of color conveys confidence and decisiveness.

Orange symbolizes that Joanna is creative, open and enthusiastic. Navy represents trust and stability, while giving the palette a sophisticated edge. White indicates simplicity and purity, and Lavender was chosen to give the brand a feminine touch without being overly girly, to represent calm and friendliness.

When the colors are used consistently and according to these guidelines, they ensure communications are recognisable and distinctly Joanna – playing a critical role in building her brand.

Joanna Landau Color Example

The distinct color palette, including creative orange and trustworthy navy, reflects Joanna's brand personality.


The logo suite for Joanna Landau has been developed from a sleek and modern base font. Easily legible with sophisticated details. A balanced combination of sharp right angled corners and perfect curves to represent both Joanna’s authority and approachability in harmony.

Joanna Landau Logo ExampleJoanna Landau Logo Example

The sleek and modern logo suite strikes a balance between authority and approachability.

Logo mark

To be used as an alternative logo when space is restricted, or as a additional brand mark when the main or secondary logo are the main focus. At times, this logomark can also be scaled and used as a background.

Joanna Landau Logomark Example

Brand icon

The brand icon style aligns with the overall brand system and supports messaging by conveying concepts with simplicity and clarity.

Joanna Landau Logomark ExampleJoanna Landau Icon Example

Joanna Landau's brand icons and patterns enhance her brand's visual allure while infusing depth into her narrative.

Brand pattern

Patterns help to draw attention to a particular area of content or design. This brand system includes a selection of flexible elements that are used to represent the Joanna Landau brand. The elements are drawn from our core identity but are distinctly different to ensure they support the logo without detracting from it.

Joanna Landau Pattern Example

Secondary brand pattern

A simple secondary pattern using morse code for ‘JL’. A nod to Joanna noticing details other may not, representing messages and stories shared. This pattern can be repeated and used as a background or used as a divider / brand asset across both printed and digital items.

Joanna Landau Graphic Element

Font suite

The brand font’s Nohemi and Halyard have been chosen as they are both balanced styles –contemporary and easy to read. Nohemi has a little more character which is perfect for headings and bringing additional personality without distracting from core messaging.

Joanna Landau Font ExampleJoanna Landau  Font ExampleJoanna Landau Font Example

Presentation design

Joanna Landau is confident in her message, and considered and direct in her choice of words – this must always be reflected through design layouts. No faff, no unnecessary extras, just straight to the point and clear information. Using brand assets in a clever way to direct the viewer / reader and create strategic visual interest.

The following few pages provide a guide to creating clear, on-brand presentation decks.

Joanna Landau Branding Example

Joanna Landau's presentation design is clear, direct, and focused on delivering key messages.


Joanna Landau is straight talking yet approachable. Her brand must always be presented clearly and professionally. Brand assets should be used strategically to create visual interest, but they must not become the focal point or overwhelm the design. Brand assets are there to enhance the message and direct the viewer / reader.

The next few pages showcase examples of the visual brand in use, to be used as inspiration when creating additional branded content.

Joanna Landau MockupJoanna Landau Social Media MockupJoanna Landau Website ExampleJoanna Landau Business Card Example


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"Working with HiPitched was an invigorating process which really encouraged me to rediscover my story and how and why I wanted to share it.

The clear timeline was accurate and reassuring and Avital was consistently on hand to offer help, advice and comfort along with professionalism.

She always ensured we used the right people for each element of the project and her connections and suggestions were spot on.

I’m thrilled with the results of her work and truly feel she is a cut above every other service provider I’ve worked with in Israel."