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A UK-based fintech, offering fair, fast and reliable business loans

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Examples of a fair booth set up.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity
Tone of Voice Guide


We began the discovery process by looking at the history of the company, it's branding process up until this point, what problems they were looking to solve with a rebrand, and most importantly, what a successful rebrand would look like to them.

We looked at their competitors and began an in-depth conversation comparing how the brand wanted to be seen vs. how they felt they were perceived by their customers. This process enabled us to create a strong story for the mission statement and values:


Flexible. Fast. Friendly.

mycashline is everything traditional financing isn’t. mycashline is on a mission to help small businesses grow. They understand your challenges and frustrations and want to build a better future for your company.

Mission statement written out in blue text on a linen background.

The brand values including Credible, Dynamic, Efficient, Value Focused, and Innovative Leader written in blue text on linen background.An image showing personality slides like Elite/MassApeal and Serious/Playful  and where mycashline is located.



Colour Palette

We wanted the colour palette to convey the trust and reliability of the brand (blues and greys), while exciting and engaging the customer through the pinks and mints.

The pink sparks feelings of innovation and creativity, creating a brand experience of newness and excitement.

The mint brings the palette together, and while, it’s not a primary colour, green is an important player when striving to indicate growth and prosperity. We used a bright mint to communicate positivity to the consumer.

The color palette of blue, pink, dark grey, white, linen, mint, light blue, candy.


‍When we asked the team mycashlines most recognizable assete logo. For this reason we chose to create a logo which didn’t differ too much from the old one.

The primary mycashline logo in linen and blue.A diagram showing the space there should be around the logo.The secondary mycashline logo in linen and blue.


Lexend is a font that was original created to help with dyslexia due to its readability and we felt it would be a good fit for MCL because it creates a very clear experience. Taking advantage of the vast option of weight allowed us to create a journey in how the consumer takes in information. Boldening key words not only helps with this experience but is visually pleasing – added with the use of colour against backgrounds.


A collages of the brand being applied to merch, advertisements, and documents.A collage on online display ad examples.Examples of the brand applied to social media.Examples of the brand applied to merchandis.Examples of advertisements/Examples of advertisements/Examples of a fair booth set up.Examples of an app and website.Examples of a fair booth set up.
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"We were so impressed with the efficient and strategic process that HiPitched delivered. Our sessions helped us think about what our company really represented, and which direction we wanted to go in.

As a company, we felt heard and understood and each meeting felt exciting and productive. We knew there was a hand guiding and helping us on our journey and for that we will be forever grateful."