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Brand Strategy & Positioning
Website Design & Development
Sabbia Studio was founded by a cohort of women from different walks of life with one shared goal - to fill the gap of wardrobe favorites whilst maintaining a strong responsibility to the environment.
We created a strategy workshop to define how the Sabbia mission statement could be incorporated into the design of the company. The workshop explored, how the personality and values of Sabbia would be portrayed across all online and offline platforms.
They were also inspired by HiPitched's pledge to give 10% of that net profit from each project to a nominated charity and this was something that they too wanted to incorporate in some form.
Additional items we focused on:

- The UX of different online stores that are unique in design
- Ways to show the process / manufacturing of the items
- How to implement the story of the brand throughout the site
- How to make the sustainability angle shine
'Making a a conscious commitment to your comfort & our planet.'

Sabbia is minimalistic in its aesthetic with a color platte which is always neutral, consistent drawn from Middle Eastern Roots & Desert land. Simultaneously Sabbia is committed to production standards with all pieces are designed, developed & manufactured in the UK, with care & consideration. Their team go one step further on this pledge, by ensuring that the factories they work with, pay fair wages, use Water Soluble dyes and have a Zero-waste policy.
It was important for us to weave Sabbias personality into the UX and UI of the website, and thus used beautiful and engaging imagery to balance the minimalism. We worked together in a very iterative process in order to ensure that each page had maximum functionality and minimum “fluff”, ensuring that the end result would be an e-commerce site which would be both design and user centric.

Client Testimonial:

“Working with HiPitched was so incredibly helpful from start to finish. The team were invaluable in helping us define our tone of voice, our edge but most importantly our overall brand strategy. This was done through their customized brand workshop. We found that the questions they asked really triggered a deeper thought process and understanding into our Whys and Hows.

They also inspired us with their own social giving initiative, which in turn led to us to create SABBIA SUBMISSIONS - giving young artists the possibility to have their work featured in our collection, with all proceeds of their design going to a selected charity.”