Personal Branding

What’s your superpower? How do you make people feel?
Whether you’re an independent thought leader or the face of a company, you need a comprehensive strategy that guides how you present yourself. We’lll embark on an introspective 1-on-1 journey to discover what makes you YOU - and how to share this magic with the world.

Business Branding

What’s your vision? What would the world be missing if your brand didn’t exist?
Whether you’re building a non-profit or growing your well-established company, the story you tell through words and images defines how your audience feels about you. We’ll go through an in-depth process to clearly define your business goals, values, and target market.

Brand Strategy

What values drive you? What will make your audience pay attention?
We’ll start with an intensive month-long workshop to get clarity on your brand, including the founder’s story, guiding principles, business goals, industry challenges, and target market. We can do this virtually or in-person.

Brand Identity

What images convey your message? What colors express your personality?
Then, we’ll figure out how to showcase your unique brand through design elements, visual language, and a logo that reflect who you are and what you do.
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Tone of Voice

Do you use emojis? How do you sign off your emails?
Finally, we’ll develop detailed guidelines to ensure consistent messaging that compliments your visual identity across all channels of communication, from your website and newsletter to social media posts and microcopy.
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"Working with HiPitched was an invigorating process which really encouraged me to rediscover my story and how and why I wanted to share it.

The clear timeline was accurate and reassuring and Avital was consistently on hand to offer help, advice and comfort along with professionalism.

I’m thrilled with the results of her work and truly feel she is a cut above every other service provider I’ve worked with in Israel."

Joanna Landau
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"Working with HiPitched took our business to the next level. Establishing our brand was a thrilling experience through the work we did together.

The approach that we felt from HiPitched was professional, personal and sensitive."

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"We were so impressed with the efficient and strategic process that HiPitched delivered. Our sessions helped us think about what our company really represented, and which direction we wanted to go in.

As a company, we felt heard and understood and each meeting felt exciting and productive. We knew there was a hand guiding and helping us on our journey and for that we will be forever grateful."