The Reflective

A Modest Fashion and Lifestyle Brand


New York


Modest Fashion


Brand Strategy & Positioning
Website UX | UI
* UX/UI done in collaboration with Yarin Weltsman
Modesty is a mindset, not a dress code.

The Reflective was founded to empower women to dress authentically, to provide women with fashion that meets their style, budget and individual modest needs.
We kicked off the process by auditing the existing brand. This allowed us to identify the areas that were working well, from those that would require more focus and attention.

We then went on to examine the way the brand was presenting themselves across their multiple platforms, seeing if all of these platforms were aligning and telling the same story. We looked at what competitors in the space were doing, exploring aspects of the brand that could be improved.

We then discussed what the client viewed as success. Would it be a website that resulted in increased brand awareness, brand affinity, increased speaking engagements or perhaps increased newsletter sign ups? After this, we moved on to the strategy side of things, creating a set of values, a personality, a tone of voice and a strong mission statement for the brand.

Once the brand was defined, we brought in an SEO expert who provided the key words that needed to be included in the content of the site and future blog posts.
The Reflective website was multi faceted.

It needed to tell the company story, encourage the user to sign up to the company newsletter, whilst also showcasing a blog with seven diverse sections, all in a user friendly way.

The reflective explores the complexities and struggles in the hopes of breaking stereotypes and fostering a new understanding of what it means to be a modern modest woman. The color palette chosen needed to reflect the boldness of the brands mission, whilst also representing the feminine and delicate subject of modesty.
With the new content written (based on the SEO recommendations) we implemented the content into the different pages of the website.
We then presented a first round of low fidelity wireframes, which gave the client a clear understanding of the different pages and basic navigation of the site. This gave us an opportunity to get initial feedback from the client as to whether things were heading in the right direction. After implementing the feedback, we went on to create the high fidelity wireframes.


Newsletter Pop Up


Client Testimonial:

"We are so happy with our decision to work with HiPitched. The support and resources we received while establishing our brand and purpose were terrific and the website they developed for us hits all our aesthetic and content goals.

They took the time to get to know us as people, making sure to check in with us and our satisfaction at every phase of the process.  We are excited to continue growing with HiPitched."
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